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EA Elektro-Automatik is Germany’s leading manufacturer of state-of-the-art Programmable DC Power Supplies and Electronic Loads since 1974, now with North America sales and service offices. EA’s solutions range from 160W up to racked solutions of 2MW and 2,000Vdc. EA's power supplies feature true Autoranging providing full power across a larger operating range to test more with one supply. EA offers both Linear and Regenerative DC electronic loads, packing up to 30kW in a 96% efficient 19” 4U rack-mount chassis. EA Elektro-Automatik’s PSB Series of Bidirectional DC supplies combines EA’s DC power supplies with regenerative DC loads into a single, high-performance chassis. EA’s high power, regenerative solutions with included arbitrary waveform generator make them ideally suited for the EV / renewable market. With touchscreen-controlled source/sink capability and built-in software to enable battery and fuel cell simulation and test, EA Elektro-Automatik is your trusted power partner for emerging renewable and e-mobility applications. EA Elektro-Automatk power solutions are used in many industries and applications, including manufacturing, research and development, automotive and e-mobility, telecommunications, battery and fuel cell energy storage systems, and more, in both legacy and emerging markets. EA is a global company with offices in Europe, Asia and North America providing worldwide sales and support.

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